Scalp Micro Pigmentation

Get the Look of a Full Head of Hair



Scalp Micro Pigmentation (SMP) is a non-invasive. life-changing, hair loss solution that gives the appearance of a close shave or a buzz cut. Using an electric stylus device with detailed micro-needles, tiny, layered dots of pigment are gently deposited into the second dermal layer of the scalp. The pigment hues are customized to match your hair color. Several sessions are typically needed to restore the appearance of your hairline and/or hair density to where it was before you started losing your hair. The result creates the illusion of tiny hair follicles giving the appearance of fuller, thicker, and denser hair.


SMP is suitable for men and women of all complexions, skin tones and ethnicities who experience hair loss due to heredity, age, or cancer treatment.

Pattern Baldness | Alopecia

Androgenetic alopecia is one of the most common forms of hair loss in both men and women, also known as male or female pattern-baldness. SMP will restore your natural hairline, density, and your confidence.

Thinning Hair

Thinning of the Crown hair in men and women, can reveal the scalp skin, making sufferers look older and affecting self-confidence. SMP treatment allows us to mimic hair follicles in the hair loss area to build up the look of thicker, denser hair on the scalp.

Scalp Scars

Whether your scar is from an accident, surgery, or hair transplant procedure, Scalp Micro Pigmentation is the most effective way to camouflage and conceal head scars.



MIND-BLOWING! I have just completed my third and final session at Five O’Clock Ink and I have to share that I am beyond pleased. The results have far surpassed anything I was expecting. I have suffered from a receding hairline and thinning hair since my 20s, and I now wish I had discovered SMP and John a lot sooner. John was easy to work with, the salon was clean, comfortable, and elegant. I looked at a few other local SMP salons and trust me when I tell you that Five O’Clock Ink is by far the one I would 100% recommend.

Female Pattern Baldness Before SMPFemale Pattern Baldness SMP After

I would highly recommend this treatment for women with thinning hair. A huge and dramatic improvement could be seen even after the first session.  The final results are amazing and I am even happier than I imagined; John did an exceptional job solving my thinning hair issue and I am feeling more confident than ever.  I absolutely recommend Five O’Clock Ink – I feel amazing! Thank you, John, for your patience and for ultimately delivering an amazing experience and phenomenal results.  Anyone reading this review should book a consultation immediately … I’m about to go tell all my friends!

Being bald sucks and I’ve tried virtually every hair loss process, procedure, and gimmick. One that I regret was a hair transplant resulting in an obvious scar. I started looking for ways to cover it up and discovered John and Five O’Clock Ink. John made me feel comfortable immediately. He shared that he HAD a very visible hair transplant scar. When I looked, I could barely see it.  It’s really amazing. John’s motto: SMP is a “miracle” for people like us. Couldn’t agree more. Total confidence boost. Five O’Clock Ink changed my life.